Weighing Management System of Concrete Batching Mixing Plant

  • HM Machinery

Weighing management system of concrete batching mixing plant mainly carrys out effective follow-up and production according to the daily workload and requirements of concrete batching mixing plant so as to effectively clear the production standards of concrete batching mixing plant.


Then what matters users need pay attention to in daily operation of weighing management system of concrete batching mixing plant?First of all, weighing system has theoretical and actual weighing results. But this does not affect the production and management. While, for some large deviations, or the actual weighing results are abnormal, then users need pay attention to these problems and timely inspect the weighing management system to prevent bringing troubles to concrete production.

1. Weighing system’s calibration

For the new installed concrete batching mixing plant, the weighing management system needs calibration. The weighing management system only reaches the domestic standard can be qualified or it will seriously affects the production schedule. There are also some cases in which weighing system also needs to be calibrated, such as repaired, replaced and used for a long time of weighing system. After calibrating the weighing system, users are able to record the calibrating date to prepare for the next calibration.

2, Weighing system’s application

Weighing system’s application needs to be normative. There need professional operating personnels to manage, control and keep track of the weighing system. After each time of using concrete batching plant, users need inspect the weighing system and timely find out problems and deal with them to ensure the accuracy of weighing management system.

3, Weighing system’s records

For the description, certificate, maintenance records of weighing system, users need keep effective records, which will have an important influence to the long-term concrete production and effectively ensure the production efficiency in safe production period.


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