The main development core of concrete mixing plant indus

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Good service is the foundation of the survival and development of each enterprise, for the concrete mixing plant of the construction machinery industry, the professional service team is also essential, compared to previous years, recently, the development prospect of the concrete mixing plant industry is slowly.

In order to satisfy the customers and improve the enterprise quality, service is fundamental ! Concrete mixing plant equipment is transported to the production site of users from manufacturers, which needs to have a good service system to solve the customer service problem of equipment. Zhengzhou haomei machinery equipment co.,ltd think if you want to establish a set of perfect service system, you should do the following three points.

1. Professional

The company needs a standard professional detection machine and testing mechanism, testing personnel and technical team, and form a professional skill training system. The high level of repair personnel can repair and repair of the fault in the first time, and can timely solve the problems and difficulties which customer encountered.

2. Diversification

To timely satisfy the parts procurement, repair, technical advice, and the equipment management according to the user's service demand.

The above is a new mode of concrete mixing plant service, and we believe in the concrete mixing plant equipment can develop better and better. What's more, the after sale service is one of the major problems that enterprises can not be ignored.

3. Intelligent

The company is equipped with remote intelligent client management system, which should begin to operate from the user dials the telephone, all aspects of the service, accessories, user evaluation should be recorded, the management of equipment is through the monitoring system, which can save time to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the manufacturers.


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