Paint Affect Service Life Of Concrete Batching Plant

  • HM Machinery

The most direct is the appearance of the paint protective barrier of concrete mixing station equipment appearance. Painting equipment for concrete batching station role self-evident. Paint selection is a science, Haomei today explains how to take off for you to choose the right paint.

HZS 75 Concrete Batching Plant.jpg

1, anti-corrosion rust-proof function. Concrete batching stations are made of steel, steel users are aware of the long-term exposure to air is easy to rust, and can easily be corrosion, rust or corrode even if timely treatment also civil concrete mixing station to a certain extent, but also to deal with these very troublesome. So good you can paint to prevent corrosion and rust possible maximum.

2, cost-effective. Not the higher price, the better the quality paints. When selecting paint should choose suitable working environment for machine equipment. Painted green concrete mixing station, after painting, greatly slowing the extent of the loss of civilian concrete mixing plantto use the time more long-term, but also eliminates the pungent smell of steel, iron and steel materials to reduce waste.

The quality of paint equipment for length of life is very important, so it can not tolerate sloppy painting.


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