Installation of portable concrete mixing plant factors to pay attention to several aspects

  • HM Machinery

Horizontal concrete batching plant project is divided into concrete mixing station and commercial concrete mixing stations, different types of mixing station, has a different layout.


Engineering is usually small and medium sized mixing station equipment, merchandise and medium-sized manufacturers mix mixing station is mixing station equipment. The following describes the layout of the concrete mixing station when to pay attention to several aspects:

(1) Industrial raw materials. commercial concrete batching plant works is to put each finished industrial raw materials for further processing, the finished material is mainly gravel, sand and cement, according to the gravel: sand: cement = 20-30%: 50-60%: 10-20% ratio ratio. The main components of the concrete products is gravel and sand, so the layout of the mixing station, local station must be considered from the sand, gravel and other places near.

(2) The area of transport. Concrete plant to be close to highways, railways, waterways, so as to facilitate transport, and remote transportation costs concrete products. Concrete product throughput and volume was relatively large, aggregate into the plant is, the transportation factors, but also to consider a top priority.

(3) Safety and environmental protection. To facilitate the mixing station layout workers to use, safe operation. Also in line with the state environmental requirements, stirring standing because the production process will produce a lot of dust and noise, so try to avoid the downtown station.

(4)Consumption of finished concrete. Because the characteristics of the concrete can not be stored, so it should be watered as soon as possible. Such as concrete batching plantabroad to pitch consumption centers generally not more than 30km, transport time must be controlled before the initial setting of concrete, and therefore the transport distance clearly identified.


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