concrete batching plant ancillary facility

  • HM Machinery


1, accommodation and workspace for 7 × 2 layer standard board room, the foundation of 30cm × 30cm concrete foundation.

2, concrete maintenance room, warehouse, distribution room total of three standard cubicles, foundation of 30cm × 30cm concrete foundation, which maintain room for the aluminum plate concrete ceiling, no windows.

3, toilet and bathhouse for the red brick house, using steel tile ceiling

4, septic tanks and sedimentation tanks 24cm wide use of red brick masonry retaining wall, the scale of 3m × 3m × 1.5m.

5. the concrete mixer concrete foundation construction and lifting accessories

Each accessory foundation of concrete mixing machine scale drawings need to be in strict accordance with the planning and construction. Foundation concrete strength reaches 75%, the mixer can be lifting accessories, it is necessary to perform professional lifting team.


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