Cement block making machine main technical characteristics

  • HM Machinery


1. Machine frame:QT10-15 block making machine used high strength steel and special welding process, is extremely strong.

2. Oriented: The super special steel made of chrome plated with good torsional and wear ability.

3. Die pressure head: hydraulic synchronous drive, the same high degree of error is very small pallet products.

4. Distributor: the ratio of sensing and hydraulic drive technology, cars and fabrics in the swing under the arch broken bodies, resulting in leakage of centrifugal force, cloth quickly Uniform, thin-walled muti-row hole products in particular.

5. Vibrator: the electro-hydraulic technology-driven, multi-source vibration system , the computer generated under the control of the vertical by a hydraulic-driven companion vibration, frequency adjustable rate, real feeding is low, high-frequency shape of the working principle of different raw materials available to tap a good effect, acceleration of up to 17.5.

6. cement block making machine Control system: computer control, human-machine interface, electronics and other used Mitsubishi brand, integrated control program 15 years of actual production experience, combined with the international development development trends, to meet the conditions written in the design to achieve without professional people, only minimal training can operate, powerful memory can be upgraded equipment needs.

7. Stored material separating device: the supply of materials by computer, to avoid the effects of the material produced by the external pressure, to ensure uniform feeding, the product strength error very little difference.


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