Automatic brick making machine Function & Configuration

  • HM Machinery


1. Automatic brick making machine ,Machine electrical control system uses PLC system, computer interface operation, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, ensure the best working results.

2. Storage material separating device: the use of closed belt conveyors, storage hopper strict control of small quantity, to do with the delivery with the use of influence to prevent the concrete aftershocks liquefaction advance to ensure that the system the smooth shape and quality products.

3. Multi-pole oriented approach and exceptional wear-resistant materials to ensure the die and punch precise movement.

4. Block making machine using the special fast fabric device to forming fabrics fast, smooth, uniform, in place.

5. A unique and efficient mode of vibration: using the latest technology, adjusting the speed of the motor drive to meet and ensure that the host of the vibration in the fabric required for molding the different vibration frequency and amplitude. To improve the products quality and shorten the molding cycle.

6. A reasonable group of dynamic distribution: by stripping the mold lock cylinder vibration table with high stiffness of the board, with the synchronous vibration mode, the amplitude distribution, to achieve the same mold intensity deviation smaller.

7. Novelty, robust: high strength steel body, the use of advanced welding technique, manufacturing quality, durable, strong, good stability, work reliable.

8.Automatic brick making machine can: Adapt to a variety of concrete block, brick, road along the brick, slope protection brick, river brick, pavement bricks, square bricks which the production needs.

9. The machine structure is compact, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, low investment, high efficiency, suitable for large, medium and small enterprises to invest in building materials.


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