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HSR Concrete Mixing Plant -

HSR Concrete Mixing Plant. The high-speed railway concrete mixing plant developed by NFLG perfectly meets the requirements of high-speed railway construction, ensuring the accuracy of calculation and measurement as well as proportioning, the homogeneity of mixing and meeting the standards of aggregate

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The rates of Cement concrete items are based on Standard Consumption . For structural concrete works, minimum grade for plain cement concrete reinforced cement concrete shall be adopted as per IS 456-2000. For R.C.C. works Mix design shall be done as per requirement of IS 456-2000 and IS . TRANSPORTATION CHARGES

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I. S. 456-2000 allows use of nominal mix of concrete upto grade M20 and may be allowed in works at the discretion of Engineer-in-Charge and will be guided by the provision of IS 456-2000. For grade of concrete above M20, design mix has to be

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